For every man willing to take control and use discipline with a woman, there are hundreds of women wanting that. Look at any of the DD lists and this will be obvious. On those lists, and on this web site, it is women who are crying out for men like you, KrosRogue?, Frank and Noone. On these lists and web sites, you rarely if ever see a man posting that he has been seeking this sort of relationship for X years and has never found a suitable woman, but you often see women saying that.

So I do not agree that this article is advocating giving women something they don't want: I think it is advocating giving them something they want very much – so much that, as Noone points out, it can be dangerous for the woman if she is not very careful to check that she is with a good man rather than a bad one. As Noone has said so wisely, women would be well advised to notice how a man treats her when she is vulnerable, and they should see red flags if a man puts them down at such times.

Moving on to the main substance of the piece:

It is quite common to find people who think that OTK discipline is erotic; it is also quite common to find people who think that there is nothing erotic about it and that it should not have any erotic element (Ramileous, for example). But Noone is one of the few writers I have found who understands the significance of the erotic response and does not seem to think that if a woman finds the whole idea erotic, she is not taking it seriously enough or it is all just a game and not real. He also understands that if it is real, that doesn't mean it can't seem erotic:

Her groans of erotic ecstasy will blur with her cries of fiery pain until even she will not be able to sort them out in her mind. They are all one in her mind.

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